Sliced Beef

It all made sense to me after the Sjogren's diagnosis: the debilitating weakness, chills, weight loss (I was barely scratching the 120 pound mark), very low white blood cell count. Amazingly, I had never experienced the dry eyes or dry mouth even though the biopsy showed significant disease in my salivary glands. Realizing that I had two autoimmune conditions made me even more determined to buckle down and heal this body from the inside out.




In the past, I had struggled with the prices of Organic food. I thought it was enough to have just my dark green vegetables be organic. That thought quickly took a 180 degree turn with the new diagnosis and and my acceptance of the fact that a healthy vibrant immune system is priceless. 

Organic foods are high in the vitamins and minerals needed for the proper functioning of our cells. When we eat food deprived of essential nutrients, our cells lack the necessary elements to build new proteins that help our bodies repair and regenerate. Organic plants use well-nourished soil to develop in themselves, compounds that help them resist insects, mold and other stressors.


Consequently, these compounds help us by reducing inflammation in the gastrointestinal system and therefore, the rest of body. 

Animals raised on 100% pasture/grass also produce better quality foods high in fat-soluble vitamins.

Why is it that the human body has the amazing ability to heal itself but so many people are sick?


I encourage you to consider switching your food sources to organic and 100% grass-fed as much as is possible. Invest in your health now so you won't have to pay big medical bills later.

I've always known that clean water is essential for life but I've never seriously considered its importance in health and healing. In searching for a way to facilitate easy access to purified water without leaving a trail of plastic bottles, I came across the Aquasana water filter.

This system filters out most toxins and and I was happy to know that I could have the counter-top version for my convenience. It has served me well. 

Pure water is very important for the normal function of our organs. When the body is dehydrated, the waste products from cellular reactions can not be eliminated properly. The build up of waste in our bodies can lead to illness.

If you want to start the healing process in your body, make water your friend. Initially, I started by drinking half a cup with a pinch of real mineral salt or Himalayan salt (No table salt) first thing in the morning. Over the period of a year, I have fine-tuned it to serve me better. I now drink two cups of warm water with a pinch of salt first thing in the morning and wait for 45 minutes before I eat breakfast. After each meal, I wait two hours before I drink water again.

Girl Drinking Water

Let me share with you how my eating habits have changed since June 2015. I went from eating Rice Krispies or oatmeal or a bagel with strawberry cream cheese for breakfast to this plate here on the right

Side Note: My blood pressure had been steadily rising over 2 years so I thought the Cayenne pepper would help. 


1) One plantain slice into 4 pieces,

2) Half an avocado,

3) A baked chicken thigh

4) Steamed kale, collard greens and rainbow chard

5) Cayenne pepper to stimulate good circulation.  

Lunch and supper looked something like this:

Starches consisted of sweet potatoes or a slice of home-made bread (more of that to come).


Now, these meals seemed healthy enough but I still struggled with iron deficiency anemia, fatigue, chronic generalized itching, severe brain fog and very painful plantar fasciitis. 

I later found out through a nutrition specialist that my body was sensitive to eggs, wheat and dairy. 

One day, I decided to go back and watch some lectures by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and a light bulb flicked on in my brain. I had been missing a lot of nutrients because the animal portion of my food intake was very low.


I had been on many different supplements (isolated nutrients) that were not putting a dent in my symptoms. 

I had to make a major switch in my beliefs: We've been told that plant foods are healthier than animal foods, but in my experience and from all my researching, I have had to conclude that an animal based diet with few plant foods is more nourishing and vitalizing.


Since November 2018, I have incorporated more animal foods into my meals. I found a local farmer through the Weston Price Foundation and I get eggs and milk from her. Her animals are raised on pasture, the chickens forage for themselves and they look very happy. 

Something new I started was consuming organ meats: liver, kidneys, heart and using a lot of beef bones in my soups


It has been one year, and my life has gradually been transformed!!

Beef Chili: warms you up in the winter

My brain works so much better now! It's functioning so well that I can work on this website without feeling overwhelmed.

Yummy sauteed beef in lard.


I get pig fat from a farmer who raises his pigs out in 100% pasture, and make my own lard. I do not use olive or coconut oil to cook anymore!

I discovered that the itching I had from eating chicken eggs was because of the albumin, so I switched to eating the yolks from duck eggs and I was fine. See how orange these yolks are? The deeper the color, the more nutritious it is.


I was able to drink raw milk kefir if I had a small cup of it sit on the counter till it came to room temperature

My husband is pulling apart a fish head from a wild-caught Salmon we cooked. The broth is delicious and very calming. The different parts of the head are also nourishing.


I use four cups of raw cow kefir to make these delicious loafs. I ferment the dough for 28 hours. The flour I use is whole grain Kamut from Montana Flour and Grains. Amazingly, this flour does not give me a rash and an itch because it is not hybridized.  

In October 2019 We bought half a 100% grass-fed steer.